We Robot 2020 | Virtual Edition | Papers

Papers discussed as part of the virtual edition of We Robot 2020:

Beyond “In the Loop”: On The Role of Meaningful Human Control in High-Stakes Machine-Human Partnerships

Liam G. McCoy (University of Toronto), Jacquleyn Burkell, Dallas Card, Brent Davis, Judy Gichoya, Sophie Le Page, and David Madras


Discussant: Peter Asaro (The New School)

Bridging the liability gap using human-centered legal design: three scenarios to apply the liability from social contact 

Silvia De Conca (TILT- University of Tilburg)


Discussant: Ann Bartow (University of New Hampshire)

A Law & Economics Approach Regulatory Accountability for Intelligent and Automated Systems: Coordinating Multiple Governance Mechanisms

Adam Hill (University of California, Berkeley)


Discussant: Ann Bartow (University of New Hampshire)

Missing the Unintended Forest despite the Deliberately Planted Trees: Reasonable Foreseeability and Legal Recognition of Platform Algorithm- Facilitated Emergent Systemic Harm to Marginalized Communities

Cynthia Khoo (University of Ottawa)


Discussant: Ann Bartow (University of New Hampshire)

Explaining the Punishment/Liability Gap of AI and Robots

Kyungsin Park (Korea University), Gabriel Lima, Meeyoung Cha, and Chihyung Jeon


Discussant: Ann Bartow (University of New Hampshire)

Legitimate Uses of Facial Recognition Technology in Surveillance: Risks to Personal Integrity and Regulatory Challenges Facing the EU

Ruyi Ding (Stockholm University) 


Discussant: Woodrow Hartzog (Northeastern University)

Identity Manipulation: Responding to advances in artificial intelligence and robotics 

Suzie Dunn (University of Ottawa) 


Discussant: Woodrow Hartzog (Northeastern University)


Humans in the Loop: Building a Culture of Responsible AI

Jesslyn Dymon (TELUS), Elena Novas, Ivey Chiu, and Jennifer Simpson


Discussant: AJung Moon (McGill University)

Off-the-Shelf Sentiment Analysis: The Ethics of Subjectively Annotated Data and Objectively Measured AI Models

Emily McBain-Ashfield (University of Ottawa), and Jason Millar


Discussant: Osonde Osoba (University of Southern California)

The Ethics of Emotion in AI Systems

Luke Stark (Microsoft), and Jesse Hoey 


Discussant: Osonde Osoba (University of Southern California)

Reconciling Legal and Technical Approaches to Algorithmic Bias

Alice Xiang (Partnership on AI)


Discussant: Jon Penney (Dalhousie University)

Involving Seniors in Developing Privacy Best Practices: Towards Responsible Development of Social Technologies for Seniors

Andrea Slane (Ontario Tech University), Isabel Pedersen, and Patrick Hung


Discussant: Hallie Siegel (University of Toronto Robotics Institute)

People Packets and Fairness in the Age og Algorithmically Controlled Mobility Shaping

Jason Millar (University of Ottawa), Elizabeth Gray


Discussant: Bryant Walker-Smith (University of South Carolina)

Towards Integration of African Priorities into Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy Agendas

Arthur Gwagwa (Strathmore University, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology), Erika Kraember-Mbula, Nagla Rizk, Isaac Rutenberg, and Jeremy de Beer 


Discussant: Hugo Cyr (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Narratives of Artificial Intelligence in a Gendered and Racialized World: Emergence on the African Continent

Laura Foster (Indiana University Bloomington), Bram Van Wiele, and Tobias Schonwetter


Discussant: Kanta Dihal (University of Cambdrige) 

Administrative Law and the Governance of Automated Decision-Making: A Critical Look at Canada’s Directive on Automated Decision-Making

Teresa Scassa (University of Ottawa)


Discussant: Jennifer Raso (University of Alberta)

Sextech, Fantasy and Law: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb(shell)

Lara Karaian (Carleton University)


Discussant: Kate Darling (MIT)



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