Jean-Noé Landry


Jean-Noé Landry
Law Foundation of Ontario Fellow on Smart Cities (2018-2021)


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Jean-Noé Landry is a Law Foundation of Ontario's Community Leadership in Justice Fellowship on Smart cities (2018-2020) at the University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society.


Jean-Noé Landry, is the Executive Director at OpenNorth, Canada's leading nonprofit organization specialized in open data that researches and advocates for ‘open smart cities’. An Open Smart City is where residents, civil society, academics, and the private sector collaborate with public officials to use data and technologies in an ethical, accountable, and transparent way to govern the city as a fair, viable, and liveable community that balances economic development, social progress, and environmental responsibility. Remaining based in Montréal during his fellowship, Mr. Landry will continue to lead OpenNorth's strategic direction, major programs, and partnerships.

Jean-Noé Landry’s fellowship examine power relations in a smart city ecosystem, in particular the role and influence of citizens. It will investigate how citizens may be commodified, how political participation is framed, and what changes occur as a result of the introduction of various networked and urban ‘smart’ technologies – both positive and negative.

Jean-Noé Landry’s fellowship will include the development of OpenNorth's Open Smart Cities Guide v2.0, a series of in-depth case studies examining the different dimensions of shifting human agency in smart cities, and a workshop on smart and inclusive cities. Law students at the university will learn about these concepts and have the opportunity to get involved in the research through guest lectures and experiential learning activities.

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