Tugba Basaran Akmazoglu


Tugba Basaran Akmazoglu
Ph.D. candidate (Law)

Personal E-mail: tbasa085@uottawa.ca


Tugba Basaran Akmazoglu is a PhD candidate in Law at the University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society, under the supervision of Prof. Jennifer A Chandler.  

Tugba Basaran Akmazoglu’s research focuses on the legal regulation of neurotechnologies, and the changing boundaries of human body along with the merger of progressively evolving smart prostheses with the human body. Her dissertation project is informed by philosophy of technology, centered on human-technology co-constitution and individual construction of the self, and  the scope of legal personhood. She is also working on and contributing to the ERA-NET research project “Hybrid Minds: Experiential, ethical and legal investigation of intelligent neuroprostheses” led by Prof. Chandler.  

Tugba Basaran Akmazoglu holds a law degree from the University of Ankara. She received her LL.M. degrees at KU Leuven (with specialization in European Union Law and as a recipient of the Jean Monnet Fellowship of the European Commission), and at the University of Oslo and Leibniz University of Hannover (double degree LL.M within the framework of the European Legal Informatics Study Program in IT Law). She wrote her thesis on the regulation of civil law liability of autonomous service robots.

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