uOttawa Launches New Online Microprogram in Law and Technology

Posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Centre for Law, Technology and Society is delighted to announce the creation of a new online graduate microprogram in law and technology, developed by the Faculty of Law in collaboration with three CLTS Faculty members.

The new Microprogram in Law and Technology allows people interested by the interactions of law and technology, and legal technologies to complete two graduate courses fully online, in either French or English:

This course provides an overview of the legal issues in the digital context and surrounding automated technologies (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics). The objective of the course is to provide students with the necessary tools to understand the social and legal issues surrounding technologies, both in Canada and from an international and comparative perspective (e.g. European Union and the United States).

This course provides a practical introduction to legal technology, and its impact on the profession and the legal system. The objective of the course is to provide basic programming skills to understand, create and evaluate these technological applications.


More details are available at:



Students who wish to pursue a LLM in Law and Technology at the University of Ottawa, will be able, upon admission to the LLM, to have their microprogram count towards their electives.


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