Professor Oguamanam publishes Intellectual Property in Global Governance

Posted on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Professor Chidi Oguamanam has written a new book entitled Intellectual Property in Global Governance, published by Routledge.

Intellectual Property in Global Governance critically examines the evolution of international intellectual property law-making. Using examples from bio-technology, bio-diversity, bio-prospecting and bio-piracy it investigates changes in the focus of innovation from physical to life sciences and the ensuing changes in international intellectual property law making and their implications for intellectual property jurisprudence.

Drawing upon multiple methodological approaches including law and legal theory; regime theory, globalization and global governance Professor Oguamanam explores the intellectual property dynamics in the "Global Knowledge Economy" focusing on digitization and information revolution phenomenon and the concept of a post-industrial society. The book articulates an agenda for global governance of intellectual property law in the 21st century and speculates on the future of intellectual property in North-South relations

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