Karen Eltis, Jane Bailey and Valerie Steeves have been awarded research contracts on cyberdefamation by the Law Commission of Ontario (LCO)

Posted on Friday, November 4, 2016

Following the call for applications regarding the law of deffamation, the Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) has selected two proposals led by faculty members of the Center for Law, Technology and Society.

Professor Karen Eltis has been awarded $17,500 for a project titled "Cyberdeffamation: cyberintimidation and shaming in the digital age". Professor Eltis project is linked to LCO's sixth research topic: anonymity and cyberdeffamation. 

Professors Jane Bailey and Valerie Steeves have been awarded $15,000 from the Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) to conduct a qualitative study of young people’s experiences with and perceptions of online defamation. The project, entitled “Defamation in the Digital Age”, is set to complement an initiative by the Commission to re-examine the balance between the values underlying defamation law – protection of reputation and the Charter right to freedom of expression – in light of social and technological developments over the past 35 years. 

Professors Bailey and Steeves also currently serve as co-principal investigators on The eQuality Project, a 7-year SSHRC Funded Partnership investigating the relationship between online behavioural targeting of youth and "cyberbullying".

Congratulations to Professors Eltis, Bailey and Steeves!

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