Florian Martin-Bariteau publishes “Le droit de marque” with LexisNexis

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dr. Florian Martin-Bariteau, Director of the Center and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, publishes "Le droit de marque : une approche fonctionnelle dans l'économie globale et numérique" with LexisNexis Canada.


In the light of the latest statutory reforms and case law developments, the book aims to propose a renewed approach to trademark law by highlighting the origin, rationality and conditions of recognition and exercise of trademark rights. The developments analyze foreign legal frameworks with a historical influence on Canadian law, such as British common law and US law, and a growing ones, such as European Union law.

Trademarks have become ubiquitous and polymorphous. In a world where everything revolves around brand and reputation, rights relating to trademarks are essential. In particular, the book aims to provide actors with an interpretive guide to understanding brand law and its implementation in the global and digital economy.

Resulting from an exhaustive research and a rigorous analysis, the reader will find the book, theoretical and practical, written in a clear language and punctuated by relevant examples. This book, which deals, among other things, with the latest reforms and new fields of trademark law, includes an analysis of the function of the trademark from the particular angle of the concept of public interest.

The book is available on LexisNexis.ca.

Congratulations to Dr Martin-Bariteau!

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