CLTS welcomes 53 Technoship Fellows

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Centre for Law, Technology and Society is delighted to welcome 53 fellows as part of the 2023 edition of its flagship program of Technoships, a unique research training program in technology law, ethics and policy for first-year students.

The Technoship Program was developed to provide University of Ottawa first-year students with financial assistance, cultivate mentoring relationships, and offer an early opportunity to work with Faculty members from the Centre for Law, Technology and Society on current research initiatives. 

Technoship Fellows will benefit from research training workshops on literature review, legal citation, and data management, and will receive a research bursary of $1,000. Fellows will join research teams of Professors Jane Bailey, Kelly Bronson, Jeremy de Beer, Colleen Flood, Michael Geist, Karine Getelet, Vivek Krishnamurthy (CIPPIC), Florian Martin-Bariteau, Jason Millar, David Murakami Wood, Chidi Oguamanam, Marina Pavlović, Amy Salyzyn, & Teresa Scassa.    


Congratulations to our 2023 Fellows (in alphabetical order): 

  • Gurleen Bhandal  
  • Naomi Brearley  
  • Laura Cascario   
  • Kyler Challis  
  • Sukhmani Chatha  
  • Victoria Chen  
  • Ronald Cheung  
  • Emily Chu  
  • Sean Cousins  
  • Vanessa D'Ambrosio  
  • Mélanie Davidson  
  • Rosa De Koker  
  • Chase Drieberg  
  • Sophie Ehlebracht  
  • Lauren Fabien  
  • Makayla Francois  
  • Shira Gerstein  
  • Samantha Hills  
  • Zehra Irfan   
  • Orian Israelsohn  
  • Alisha Kara  
  • Hooria Katal  
  • Mina Kittani  
  • Sasha Langdon   
  • Leanne MacKinnon  
  • Erin Maher  
  • Andrew May  
  • Tiffany Mayhew  
  • Liam McDermott  
  • Emily McGaugh  
  • Anne Merritt  
  • Miranda Minassian  
  • Ola Mirzoeva  
  • Monika Morcos  
  • Clara Mustata  
  • Shirin Nasiri  
  • Emily Naveenan  
  • Madison Neil   
  • Hailey Palmer  
  • Kimberley Paradis  
  • Sean Patton  
  • Abigail Pierman  
  • Michelle Rodrigues   
  • Jasper Ross  
  • Madison Smyth  
  • Alexandra Son   
  • Jordan Spears  
  • Shannon Stroud  
  • Madison Venugopal  
  • Kate Winiarz  
  • Brianna Workman  
  • Chelsea Wright  
  • Jennifer Wu 
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