Suzie Dunn › Identity Manipulation: Responding to Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2020


The Centre for Law, Technology and Society  and the AI + Society Initiative present:


Identity Manipulation

Responding to Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Suzie Dunn


Wednesday, May 27, 2020
at 12:00 ET


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Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics technologies have destabilized our ability to control our identity. Today, it is increasingly accessible for the average person to appropriate the voice, image, and body of another individual through the use of technology. We’ve seen pornographic deepfakes of Hollywood and K-Pop stars, a homemade robotic replica of Scarlett Johansson, voice synthesizers that have had Jay-Z rapping Shakespeare and Jordan Peterson spouting feminist manifestos. All of them are fake replicas of the real thing. 

Join Suzie Dunn from the University of Ottawa for a discussion on the legal boundaries of these technological replications. Together we will explore existing laws in Canada such as the common law torts of appropriation of personality and false light, and Quebec’s privacy and personality rights to consider where the law stands today and where it could go in the future. 


This event will be in English only.
This event will be recorded.

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