Direct-to-Public Legal Digital Tools in Canada


Direct-to-Public Legal Digital Tools in Canada
A Draft Inventory

By Amy Salyzyn, William Burke and Angela Lee


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About the document

Professor Amy Salyzyn, together with UOttawa JD students William Burke and Angela Lee, have developed a draft inventory of digital tools available to be used by the Canadian public to address legal needs, problems and questions. In total, 88 tools were identified. This inventory intentionally excludes tools meant to be used directly by lawyers and those embedded in the justice system itself. This work builds and updates previous research conducted by Professors Bouclin, McGill and Salyzyn. 


Professor Salyzyn and her team are looking for feedback on the draft inventory. Do you think that any tools are missing, incorrectly described or wrongly included? Please contact Professor Salyzyn with any feedback by August 31, 2019 (

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