Jason Millar appointed Distinguished Research Director at Partnership on AI

Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The AI + Society Initiative and the Centre for Law, Technology and Society are delighted to announce that Faculty member Dr. Jason Millar has been appointed as part-time Distinguished Research Director at Partnership on AI (PAI).  

Dr. Jason Millar will be responsible for PAI’s overall research directions, fostering PAI’s applied research excellence, equity and impact in support of their programmatic priorities. He will engage collaboratively and consultatively with the PAI’s global community, and other experts in the field to address some of the most important and difficult questions concerning the future of AI.

Dr. Jason Millar is the Canada Research Chair in the Ethical Engineering of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, a Faculty member at the Centre for Law, Technology and Society, and an Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa, with cross appointment to the Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts. At the AI + Society Initiative, he co-leads the AI + Inclusion stream.  

Dr. Millar researches the ethical engineering of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on empowering engineers to integrate ethical thinking into their daily engineering workflow. His work focuses primarily on the ethics, policy and engineering of automated vehicles, artificial intelligence, healthcare robotics, social and military robotics. 


Congratulations to Dr. Millar! 

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