Welcome to the website of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society.

The goal of our Centre is to research, analyze and shed light on the complex and interdependent relationships between law, technology and society. A joint initiative of the Common Law and Civil Law Sections of University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, this centre for research, student training and knowledge dissemination brings together independent scholars and professors interested in its strategic areas of research, which include a wide variety of subjects relating to Law and Technology in its broadest sense and from multiple perspectives, such as information technology; intellectual property; biotechnology; bioethics; science, technology and society; human rights; governance and public policy; enabling technologies and e-transactions; digital media and communications; safety and security; privacy and access to information; and traditional knowledge.

The Centre encourages multidisciplinarity as allowing for different – sometimes complementary and sometimes discordant – perspectives on the same topic to inform analysis and debate on an issue, thereby providing the richest and most comprehensive approach to research and policy-making. It seeks to develop a national and international network of associated researchers and institutions, both in law and in many other domains, and serve as a nexus for partnership building and collaborative scholarship.

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